Bond Solon HR & Development has a strong history in providing specialist training for HR professionals and a comprehensive range of skills training for the wider organisation. For over 45 years, we have been providing support and training to a wide variety of organisations, bringing together unparalleled experience in all aspects of HR and Development.

Whether you are an HR professional looking to develop your knowledge of international employment law or ensure best practice in employment investigations and Employment Tribunals, or a learning and development professional seeking bespoke skills training for the wider organisation, you'll find it all here on our website. 

Our comprehensive array of training can be tailored to meet your exact needs, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss how we can help your organisation to succeed!

Over 20 thousand professionals trained in the past year
Over 20 thousand professionals trained in the past year.
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Over 4 thousand courses delivered in the past year.
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Employment Law

International Employment Law helps you tackle the complexities of managing an international workforce, maintain good employee relations and reduce the risk of falling foul of local employment laws and practices.

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Employment Tribunals

Demystifying the process of giving evidence at an Employment Tribunal by providing a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of giving evidence under cross-examination.

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Employment Investigations

Helping HR professionals and managers carry out employment investigations to best practice standards.

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The Society of HR Management (SHRM) Certification

SHRM is the world’s largest membership organisation devoted to HR with over 300,000 members, committed to making work, workers, and workplaces better.

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HR Performance


Courses to help HR professionals develop the personal and business skills and knowledge to be an effective business partner.

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Business Skills


Improving the core behaviours and performance habits of the individual to power your organisation’s advancement.

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Management Development

Comprehensive, tailored programmes of training that support individuals in becoming competent, confident, focused and self-aware leaders.

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Lively, quick and activity-based personal skills training sessions that enhance workforce performance.

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