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Tackle the complexities of
managing an international

If your organisation is currently responsible for employees in overseas jurisdictions, or is considering establishing operations overseas, it is essential that you align your company’s policies and procedures with the local labour law and HR best practice.

This will help ensure that you maintain good employee relations and help you avoid falling foul of local employment law and practice, which could have costly financial repercussions. 

Our Courses

Our courses provide a clear overview of employment frameworks - giving valuable insight; covering key differences; sharing guidance on how to manage cross-cultural workforces, recent changes and developments; and explaining local case law which might catch out overseas firms.   Our courses aim to: 

  • Impart knowledge of the local employment law in the regions in which you operate 
  • Link local employment legislation to real-life, practical HR management challenges 
  • Create consistent, applicable global HR policies and procedures, effective locally 
  • Validate and challenge what you know 
  • Explain the burning issues around employment law and employee relations 
  • Help you understand how the practical application of the law is influenced by the prevailing customs.


Our Courses
Our Speakers


We are proud to work with some of the world's leading law firms to bring you training on local employment law.

All our courses are led by an employment law expert within that jurisdiction, giving you the knowledge to advise colleagues with confidence.


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