Learn@Work sessions

The central need for delegates who take part in any personal skills type training is to undergo a behavioural change, changing mindset. Successful implementation, to whatever degree, means delegates do more than understand: they must act differently with beneficial results.  

To achieve something meaningful in only 90 minutes each Learn@Work session has three parts:  

1.  Knowledge Acquisition (the What): clarify ideas and developing understanding
2.  Skills Acquisition (the How): delegates consider their situation, personality, responses and consequences
3.  Practice (the Now!): review behaviours and consider future actions

Subjects/modules in the Learn@Work series

Click on each module title below to see a high level explanation. It is important to note that these shouldn’t be thought of as entirely independent of each other. Many themes, and even work models, can be repeated. For the maximum benefit of delegates we can advise what would work better as a programme for your people.

To discuss how we can design and deliver Learn@Work sessions to meet your organisation's unique requirements, please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7549 2549 or info@bondsolon.com