Learn@Work modules

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Applied

EI underpins successful people management and is more than 85% of what sets star performers above the average.  What is it and how can a delegate develop it?

Change Management 

Change Management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organisations to a desired future state.  This session ensures that individuals at all levels are equipped with the tools and skills to flourish in the midst of change. 

Coaching for results 

Organisations are most effective when people are working to their full potential.  This course ensures managers are equipped with the necessary skills to empower their teams.

Creative Thinking Skills 

A competence to give an edge is creative and critical thinking skills.  This session will enable delegates to apply different types of thinking for improved analysis and problem solving.

Difficult Conversations 

Conflict left unchecked can result in reduce creativity and productivity.  Delegates learn techniques to engage with conflict in a way that creates stronger, more productive relationships.

Effective Business Writing 

Effective business writing leads to successful decision-making and improved organisational performance.  This session aims to make the written word work smarter for the organisation and shows the writer how to connect the audience to their key message.

Effective Communication Skills 

Communication has been described as “oil in the engine of organisational success”.  In this course delegates will learn the key principles and tools to become expert communicators at every level. 

Effective Decision Making

Mental dexterity is an extremely powerful weapon in the pursuit of excellence.  Delegates will learn how to use a number of tools to improve analytical, creative and innovative thinking, giving them a clean methodology for decision making.

Effective Meetings 

Many say that meetings are one of the major time wasters, particularly in a virtual environment, with unclear objectives and outcomes.  Delegates will be better equipped to influence the effectiveness of any meetings they attend, ensuring that they are valuable investment of time and money.

Motivation and Delegation 

Motivation is the fuel that each person brings to work every day and the quality of that fuel determines what can be achieved each day in an organisation.  Good delegation saves invaluable time, motivates employees and help them develop to the benefit of the business. 

Negotiation Skills  

Life centres on negations – everyone negotiates every day of their life.  This session provides techniques to apply to create success.

Presentation Skills  

Delivering presentation with confidence and clarity is an essential requirement for business and career success.  This session equips delegates to overcome any anxiety and succeed by using proven tools and techniques. 

Project Management

An introduction to the essentials of the best practice in project management using simplified forms of complex project management models. 

Time Management 

Techniques to win the race against time – a session to think creatively about time and to make changes to improve productivity.

Working (or Managing) Remotely  

The virtual team and remote management were becoming the norm before 2019 – now it is the normal.  In this session delegates will gain the skills to manage the collaboration of the team.