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Who and why?

Personal resilience is arguably the most important resource for succeeding during challenging times - resilient people stay committed and proactive when the going gets tough. Learn how to increase your ability to respond positively to pressures you may encounter in today’s workplace. 

You can develop resilience. By doing so, you can improve your quality of life at work, as well as your productivity and performance. Resilient people are a vital asset for any business. 

Course overview

At the start of the course, you will identify circumstances that can trigger a pessimistic or negative mindset, this is to understand your psychological reactions in times of stress. You can then understand what you need to do in order to adopt a more flexible and adaptable approach to change. This will help build confidence in dealing with difficult situations, with a can-do attitude of realistic optimism and emotional equilibrium. This results in increased levels of personal satisfaction and organisational success.

The course is personally challenging, highly practical and based on delegates’ real workplace challenges.

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Maintain a positive self-concept and confidence in their strengths and qualities 
  • Make realistic plans which they can implement 
  • Demonstrate greater commitment and enthusiasm for projects 
  • Understand how to use Resilience, Positive Psychology 
  • Use stress reduction techniques to manage strong impulses and feelings 
  • Remain calm and level-headed under pressure 
  • Apply emotional awareness to improve decision-making 
  • Build a Resilience Development Plan  

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