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Who and why?

Coaching is a targeted, proven and powerful way of responding to unrelenting competitive business pressure and constant change. This course looks at the business case for coaching and uses a series of engaging tasks to identify current understanding of what coaching is and the delegates’ experiences of it.

High performance is no longer optional in today’s business arena.  Change is rapid and an approach is needed which enables leaders to respond to increasing demands for high performance and at the same time look after their most precious resource – the people in their organisations.  

This course enables leaders to learn and practise essential coaching skills, and allows them to enhance their own performance and fully experience the power of coaching.

Course overview

Delegates will learn how to empower teams and individuals, through skilled coaching. This ensures people are as creative, skilled and internally motivated to achieve results as is possible.

This course teaches how to use simple coaching frameworks to identify performance gaps and help people to align to and achieve performance targets. Time is dedicated to practising the essential coaching skills of rapport building, listening, questioning and summarising.

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Examine the role and responsibilities of the coach
  • Apply the GROW model to improve goal-setting and performance measurement
  • Discern when it is appropriate to coach staff
  • Help the people in their teams to achieve more and contribute more
  • Energise and connect people to business goals in a powerful way
  • Manage the performance and develop the skills of others through coaching
  • Develop their own management and leadership competencies through coaching
  • Play their part in develop a coaching culture
  • Inspire excellence and foster potential

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