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Who and why?

This course is designed for anyone who attends meetings and wants them to be a productive use of their time. Many say that meetings are one of the major time wasters in business. Outcomes are sometimes not qualified and the costs are significant.

This course will change that, giving step-by-step guidance on how to achieve effective business results from any meeting. The course deals with planning and conducting meetings, whether as chair or participant. Delegates will improve their ability to make a significant contribution to the effectiveness of any meeting they manage or attend.

Well-run meetings have clear agendas, are kept to time and chaired with discipline and fairness. In this way they ensure progress and improved business results.

Course overview

Both days will include activities to enable learners to practise new skills and develop their knowledge. Topics covered include preparation, structuring the meeting and agreeing ground rules and process. Delegates will consider how to assess whether a meeting is necessary and who needs to attend it.

Communication before, during and after a meeting is critical to its success. Delegates will learn techniques to minimise disruption, establish how decisions are made and recorded, encourage equality of participation and allow for “remote” contributions. Above all delegates will be better equipped to influence the tone and outcomes of any meeting.

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Clearly think through and prepare for meetings
  • Follow the four stages of objection-handling
  • Deal with any conflict that arises
  • Ensure agreements made are specific and workable
  • Gain the commitment of others to take action
  • Practise and encourage respectful active listening
  • Create an environment in which decision-making and creativity can thrive 

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