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Who and why?

Dealing with stakeholders can often be challenging, especially when there are many with different interests. The "secret" in dealing with them is to understand how to overcome conflict and to build and strengthen relationships. This is aimed at those of you who want to work on your relationship and communication with stakeholders, in order to improve efficiency and drive the business forward. 

Course overview

You will begin by reflecting on your ability to deal with stakeholders - covering your strengths and weaknesses. You will define the "ideal" behaviours of a "Role Model" and the impression these behaviours would make on stakeholders. You will then measure yourself against this "Role Model". 

You will learn how to create the right first impression. You will learn the dos and don’ts of communicating with various personality types. We will introduce the concept of rapport and how it can be built with your voice and what you say. You will evaluate method to build rapport and what happend when rapport is broken. 

Stakeholder relationships can be built by asking the right question, at the right time. The course will introduce a set of powerful generic questions to open up the communication. You will practise active listening to understand what the stakeholder is really saying. 

You will review how you convey respect when talking to stakeholders and how your bias can get away in the way of listening. The course will also cover the core ingredients of trust and how to strengthen the relationship moving forward. You will use the Perceptual Shift Technique, where you imagine yourself as a stakeholder.

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand what stakeholders think and want 
  • Develop a Role Model to satisfy stakeholders 
  • Use enhanced communication and relationship building skills 
  • Utilise developed questioning skills 
  • Practise effective and active listening 
  • Appreciate the requirements to gain stakeholder respect 
  • Use language to gain trust 
  • Be effective in handling conflict, negotiating and evaluation 

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