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Who and why?

The programme is aimed at anyone whose role involves delivering presentations. Being able to deliver presentations with confidence and clarity, which are well structured and achieve their objectives is an essential requirement for both business and career success.

Often the wrong focus of attention in the preparation results in slide-led presentations and it is a common theme that presentation objectives are not clear. According to research, presenting is one of the most feared tasks and the resulting poor performance leads to lost opportunities for organisations.  However, the fear and anxiety associated with this crucial skill can be overcome, once the correct tools and techniques are understood and used. 

Course overview

The course is based on a collegiate context in which delegates learn from peer and trainer feedback in a safe and supportive environment. For this reason this is a highly experiential and interactive course, in which participants grow in confidence in delivering presentations. Delegates develop their own style of presenting, applying their learning as they go.  

The focus is on the fundamentals: how to structure a presentation, how to select and use a variety of visual aids effectively. In addition they learn how to improve personal communication styles, including body language, voice and vocal range and learn to reduce unhelpful non-verbal communication so that their key messages are delivered powerfully and effectively. Delegates examine and let go of subconscious drivers that can diminish their performance.

Everyone will have the opportunity to practise current presentations from their own business areas, learning tools to gain buy-in from their audience.

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Manage any personal anxiety associated with presenting
  • Communicate with presence, poise, certainty and credibility
  • Define and follow a model of presenting excellence
  • Create presentations that are well structured and persuasive
  • Quickly organise ideas and data for maximum clarity and impact
  • Use verbal and non-verbal techniques to build trust
  • Use presentations to move people to positive action
  • Present thoughts and information with increased confidence
  • Utilise a wide range of delivery tools and media 

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