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Who and why?

As organisations become increasingly global, the virtual team and remote management are becoming the norm. Those managing these teams need to be adept at welding the disparate resources at their disposal into a united and coherent whole, despite having limited or perhaps no opportunity to build relationships face to face.

In this course, you will gain the skills to allow your teams to deliver results across multisite and multinational environments. You will learn techniques to manage the collaboration of virtual teams and enhance productivity. You will also learn how to build bonds, trust and emotional connection within a group. 

Course overview

The course is interactive with a number of activities to enable you to practise new skills and develop your knowledge. You will help to define the challenges of leading virtually and clarify the qualities and unique characteristics that are needed to be a leader. 

You will practise how to set effective team purposes, vision and values and how to keep them alive.  You will develop strategies for overcoming barriers to success in building an effective and collaborative team. The course considers how to build the four components of trust. In addition, it includes practical ways of building relationships remotely based on openness.

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Build and lead virtual or remote teams to create success in the global workplace 
  • Establish a team’s sense of purpose and vision, so that their work makes sense 
  • Diagnose the team’s state of health and how to implement a get well plan 
  • Design team protocols to optimise the team’s effectiveness 
  • Diagnose and handle the risks of managing distance and diversity 
  • Adapt their leadership style to meet the unique demands of working globally 

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