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Who and why?

This course will give you skills to respond to stress positively, allowing you to work better under pressure. You will learn preventative measures and ways to eliminate the causes of stress, rather than on the treatment of its effects. This course will help you change your behaviour and response to stress to increase your personal and professional effectiveness.

Course overview

The course contains a collection of techniques to cope with pressure. There is evidence to suggest that stress due to work is associated with changes in both behaviour and physiological function, which can be detrimental to employees’ health. Extreme stress can contribute to the development of various symptoms of occupational ill health and of physical and psychological disorders. The course will equip you with the techniques to develop resilience whilst increasing your performance. 

You will explore methods to help you feel in control and problem solve whilst under pressure. Using a practical resource guide, you will understand how to create the work-life balance you need to thrive and manage your time effectively. 

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Deal with pressure more effectively 
  • Understand the nature of pressure 
  • Use Emotional Intelligence as a proactive strategy for dealing with internal pressure 
  • Adopt techniques and attitudes that work most effectively for each of them
  • Study the impact of pressure and stress upon your emotional and physical health, performance and relationships 
  • Recognise the symptoms of excessive pressure/stress and its associated behaviours in themselves and others 
  • Give up ‘toxic’ practices and create a foundation on which to build resistance to stress 
  • Be assertive 
  • Understand the power of NOW 

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