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Who and why?

Managers have a significant impact on the morale of those they manage.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) highlights the importance of the manager as the key reason why people stay or go from organisations. Feeling valued by their manager at work affects employee motivation and morale. In fact, the employee manager relationship was one of the top two reasons for staying in a job in a recent survey demonstrating that this is an important motivator for many.

Understanding what motivates people requires a grasp of different personality types and how to get the best out of each individual. This knowledge is also key to developing the skill of effective delegation which, though often underused, is essential to successful business performance.

Course overview

Motivation is the fuel that each person brings to work every day and the quality of that fuel determines what can be achieved in any organisation.

In this course delegates will learn what motivates and demotivates different people including Generation Y and Generation Z. They will study Herzberg’s influential Motivation-Hygiene theory and see how job satisfaction is not the opposite of job dissatisfaction. They will be introduced to the six core needs in the Human Needs Model and how its application can radically enhance their ability to engage people successfully in their work.

The link between delegation and motivation or demotivation lies in the clarity of the agreements made between manager and team member. Applying this, the course will address why people often don’t delegate and will provide answers to the essential questions: what to delegate, how to choose the right person for which task, what agreements to put in place to monitor progress and how to evaluate success. 

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Use the 4 “S” Map (Steer, Support, Show, Stimulate) to identify motivation
  • Build and use a Motivation Skills Matrix
  • Make effective interventions to increase motivation in team members
  • Recognise the main demotivators in the workplace and how to address them
  • Identify key motivating factors for different occupational generations
  • Increase team engagement and enthusiasm
  • Apply the principles of delegation
  • Follow the 5 Steps to Effective Delegation
  • Increase their output significantly  through skilful delegation

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