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Who and why?

Each day at work people are called upon to utilise their power of persuasion and influence. Successful influencing skills achieve results but their importance is sometimes underestimated and misunderstood. Being able to persuade and influence another person or a group of people is a critical skill that does not rely solely on personal charisma or personality.

There are powerful communication techniques that can be understood and learnt by anyone wanting to have more impact on those around them. The objective of this intensive course is to arm participants with the various tools they need to enable them to be more flexible and effective when influencing others.

Course overview

The course teaches delegates the principles of effective communication, set within an NLP framework. This includes the power of the non-verbal messages that are being transmitted whenever we are around other people.

Delegates are shown how to tune in to others’ physiology, voice and language by using the rhythm, volume and pace of the voice, eye contact and body language to create powerful rapport. They will learn how to understand and respect other people’s mental and emotional map of the world and use this knowledge of others’ preferences and motivators to formulate powerful communication strategies for influencing and persuading.

They will practise listening at a deep level and asking questions that create and maintain rapport with others. And they will learn how to express their viewpoint with enthusiasm and conviction.

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Communicate with clarity and influence effectively
  • Recognise the different personality types and motivators
  • Understand how miscommunications can arise
  • Prepare for and increase their flexibility in influencing situations
  • Develop and maintain rapport with others quickly and effectively
  • Think in new and more creative ways
  • Express themselves with energy and conviction
  • Enrol others into their vision
  • Welcome questions and challenges to their proposals
  • Increase personal ability and confidence in handling confrontation

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