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Who and why?

In an increasingly complex business environment, where solutions to problems are not always easy to identify within a context that is often ambiguous, the requirement for greater levels of cognitive ability is growing.

This course addresses the challenge that the essence of innovation in problem solving is less about answering questions and more about questioning answers. The course is aimed at managers who need to address problems as part of their roles and who need to improve their skills in questioning, probing, analysing and evaluating options.

Course overview

Throughout the course delegates will be challenged to question assumptions, adopt different perspectives and see the potential in situations including real life business challenges in their organisation. The course enables delegates to use different approaches to thinking at different times to yield better results.

Techniques used will cover how to generate innovative responses to business problems and opportunities, how delegates may assess their own thinking style preferences, how to use current thinking to prepare for the future and anticipate change and how to determine the root cause of business problems in order to create workable and sustainable solutions.

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Take a creative and open approach to exploring the data
  • Critically analyse any situation, including financial implications, risk analysis, etc.
  • Work with and manage ambiguity
  • Demonstrate mental dexterity in relation to any business problem they face
  • Explore a range of options and identify the most effective overall solution
  • Apply different types of thinking for improved analysis and problem solving
  • Create rational arguments based on simple and persuasive ideas
  • Maintain astute thinking especially when under pressure
  • Know the questions to ask to reach an optimal solution

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