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Who and why?

Effective reports lead to effective decision-making and improved organisational performance. Ineffective reports have the opposite result.  Without strategic planning and professional writing, many valid and important written communications fail to achieve their objectives.

The aim of this course is to make the written word work smarter for the organisation through effective report writing. Good writing ensures that messages are communicated effectively and that they generate the response or action desired by the writer.

It is aimed at anyone whose role involves writing reports and who wants to do so with more confidence. 

Course overview

On this theoretical and practical course, delegates are encouraged to create writer-easy and reader-friendly reports. Delegates will be encouraged to clarify the purpose, objectives, audience and required outcome of any report. They will also consider the business impact of poor writing.

They are encouraged to bring any current project to which they can apply the skills they are learning. The emphasis is on a clear process of preparation. This will result in reports which have a powerful introduction with well-structured content and key points strategically planted. This ensures that the critical messages of any report are received and acted upon.  

Key learning points

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Structure reports appropriately for the purpose and the reader
  • Use a strategic planning process to ensure the reader takes action
  • Create concise executive summaries that encapsulate the key messages
  • Write with greater confidence, renewed purpose and a clear process
  • Develop a concise and appropriate writing style
  • Learn the Seven Stages of the writing process
  • Deal with writer’s block
  • Successfully use signposting techniques
  • Hone the essential skills  of editing and revising
  • Produce documents with coherent arguments and a strong conclusion

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