Duration: 2 Days Price: £550.00 + VAT

Many professionals are required to conduct interviews in situations where the information obtained may be vital evidence in later proceedings. 

Failure to conduct these interviews properly may result in evidence being inadmissible, unreliable or without weight. It may adversely affect the fairness of any subsequent legal hearing. 

This course will provide you with the key skills to interview witnesses, obtain witness statements and interview suspects effectively and to best-practice standards, enabling you to maximise the evidence you gain during such interviews. 

Key Learning Points 

  • Effectively planning and preparing for different types of interviews 
  • Different questioning techniques and when to use them 
  • How to structure interviews 
  • Maximising the impact of disclosing evidence before and during the interview 
  • Different types of interviews, including dealing with suspects and non suspects 
  • Dealing effectively with solicitors, trade-union representatives, silences and selective answering 
  • Handling inconsistencies in the account given by the interviewee and with other available evidence 
  • Balancing the investigator’s powers with the individual’s rights 
  • Role-play of fact-finding, witness and/or suspect interviews 
Can count towards the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice