Duration: 2 Days Price: £550.00 + VAT

The way evidence is gathered has a major impact on successful regulatory control, enforcement and/or prosecution. 

This practical, structured course equips delegates who have regulatory, enforcement and/or prosecution responsibilities with essential knowledge of law, evidence and procedure for their day-to-day roles in conducting investigations. 

Key Learning Points 

  • Understanding relevant legislation 
  • The Human Rights Act and related law 
  • Explaining and applying the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) and the Codes 
  • Recognising and obtaining different types of evidence: oral, documentary, real and hearsay 
  • How to collect evidence and maintain continuity of exhibits 
  • Distinguishing between facts, assumptions and opinions 
  • Analysis and evaluation of evidence (case analysis) 
  • Best practice in record-keeping, note-taking and handling disclosure 
Can count towards the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice