Duration: 1 Day Price: £275.00 + VAT

Written evidence is vital: good written evidence promotes early settlement of civil cases and success at trial in criminal cases. Too often statements/reports lack clarity, credibility and objectivity. 

This course will review best practice in writing effective statements or reports for use in civil claims or criminal cases. You will learn how to improve the content, structure and style of your statements/reports.  

Key learning points 

  • Identifying the issues and including facts that support these issues 
  • Identifying the source and weight of evidence  
  • Insulating written evidence against cross-examination 
  • Layout and formalities 
  • Use of exhibits, appendices, photos, plans and maps 
  • Using contemporaneous notes as the basis for the statements/reports 
  • Getting your message across 
  • Developing an objective and critical eye in relation to written evidence 
Can count towards the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice