Employment Law

Helping your staff give clear
and confident evidence
at Employment Tribunals

Bond Solon has been supporting organisations and their employees in witness familiarisation for over 30 years. Our training provides witnesses with a comprehensive understanding of the theory, practice and procedure of giving evidence at an Employment Tribunal.


Our trainers are all experienced barristers, solicitor advocates or solicitors, each with at least 10 years' post-qualification experience,and are all professionally trained trainers.

All of our sessions are interactive, engaging and through consultation with our clients prior to sessions, we tailor them to the specific requirements of each witness.

Our courses demystify the techniques lawyers use during cross-examination, often used to disconcert or discredit the witness. Importantly, they also look at the techniques to handle cross-examination, allowing your witness to remain calm and in control in order to give effective, truthful and confident evidence to the tribunal.

Participants will also experience mock cross-examination, and will be provided with personal feedback and areas to work on.

To discuss our Witness Familiarisation courses for Employment Tribunals, please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7549 2549 or info@bondsolon.com



Witness Familiarisaiton


Witness Familiarisation for Employment Tribunals

This session is designed to give witnesses a thorough understanding of the procedures involved in giving evidence at an Employment Tribunal, their role in the adversarial system, and the preparation required to provide a coherent account at the hearing stage. We will discuss and demystify the techniques lawyers use in cross-examination to disconcert and discredit witnesses.

Participants are then cross-examined on a case study or topic unrelated to the facts and issues of the case at hand, with detailed feedback on their performance provided.  

Key learning outcomes: 

  • Understand the practice, procedures and etiquette of giving factual or expert evidence at an Employment Tribunal 
  • Deal with techniques lawyers use in cross-examination 
  • Identify problems that can arise in cross-examination and learn how to handle them 
  • Give coherent, sequential testimony under difficult cross-examination at the Tribunal stage 

Follow up Cross-Examination for Employment Tribunals

Designed to dovetail with our Witness Familiarisation product, this session will provide witnesses with the fullest preparation ahead of their Employment Tribunal. We would strongly recommend this session where witnesses are particularly key to proceedings, are giving evidence for more than half a day, or where instructing parties have any specific concerns. 

Each witness will undergo in-depth cross-examination and learn how to deal with difficult cross-examination techniques confidently, and to communicate clearly with the decision maker. Witnesses can be videoed, and their performance analysed. Feedback is then provided, both on an ongoing basis through the session, and by way of a written post-course report. 

Key learning outcomes: 

  • Master the delivery of oral evidence 
  • Improve performance by continuous assessment (including the use of video) 
  • Get to the essence of a complex case 
  • Handle difficult cross examination techniques 


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